Hotel ecoxata

Our Xatas

Meet our cottages (Xatas) these spaces will become your scape from daily stress and common life; but read carefully because each one embraces a different charm and its own detail. Although each one has WIFI connection and an outdoor bathroom, remember the key in our little paradise is the disconnection, that is why we do not accept kids, or pets.

Xata Earth

Single room / with private bathroom

Xata Water

with indoor pool

Xata Fire

double room

Xata Air

Sea view

Xata Air

Garden view

ECOXATA. Experiences

Bike ride

Explore our beach in a different way, and find what it has to offer for you.


Let the nature clean you from your soul and aloud your mind to connect itself with the bottom of the earth.

Paddle Board

Use all muscles to live with the ocean


The wind will be your guide in this new adventure on a beach close to our refuge.


Immerse yourself on a unique experience, let the water take your problems away while sailing in our beach.


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